How to Order

How to use our Order Form:

  • Choose the substrate type you want to print on from the drop-down menu: Rigid, Vinyl, Banners or Other speciality products such as magnetic sheets or canvas.
  • Choose the product from the next drop-down menu, ei. Coroplast.
  • You can choose either standard finishing or you add cutom finishings like holes, grommets, direction of the flutes, etc, by clicking on the EDIT button.
  • Enter the width, height and quantity of signs needed.
  • Our system will price your signs automatically as you choose, add or change items/options. No need to click on any buttons until you are ready to order.
  • Don't forget to choose your files for upload (use the “File” button in each row of the order form) before you hit the PLACE ORDER button.
  • Our system will only accept PDF format files. If for any reason you can't save your files on PDF format please upload it to our Graphic Design departament through our Contact Us page. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your order.
  • Specify the following information in the boxes at the bottom of the order form.
    1. Select Standard or Rush service time. We print most orders the next business day.
    2. Delivery Method.
    3. Your shipping address is automatically entered on the lower right of the order form. If you would like us to ship your order to a different address under your own label, please check the box under Ship to Different Address and upload the shipping labels in PDF format.
  • When you click the PLACE ORDER button, a popup window will come up, which will indicate upload of your files onto our server. If you have large files, or many files, it could take a few minutes for them to upload. The upload time depends on the size and number of files being uploaded and the speed of your internet connection. When the system finishes uploading your files, you will be transfered to the summary page and an automated email will be sent to you confirming your order.